Carelessness (Final Production II Project)

For my personal project, I decided to do a PSA on global warming and the effect of people’s actions on the environment in general. The piece consists of a compilation of various clips from around the world of envrionmentsbeing destroyed, the effects of said destruction, audio of people speaking about the situation and a moving soundtrack to tie it all together. The cuts back and forth from destruction by nature and humans causing damage to the environment helps create a “cause and effect” connection.


Opus 2 (Dick Head Animation)





Final Video:


4/9 – Animatic, schedule and additional preproduction due

4/14 – Film opening shots. Begin object tracking actor’s head

4/15 – Touch up penis animation and match moves

4/16-18 – Animation critiques

4/17,18 – Make adjustements to penis animation. Composite some test renders

4/22 – Showcase submissions due

4/23-25 – Animation Critiques

4/27 – Finalize penis animation, cleanup rotoscoping

4/3, 5/2 – Portfolio reviews/Animation critiques

5/6,7,7 – Animation Critiques

5/8 – Render EXR sequences and composite final CG elemtns into shots

5/10 – Final project submiutted on Worpress by 4pm


Motion Infographic/Data Visualization

Color Palette


Mood Board


Data That Will Be Discussed

. Shcizophrenia myths: Discuss that symptoms of schizophrenia are much more vast than just the usual “you see and hear things that are not there”. Also debunk the myth that schizophrenics are dangerous to the general public and have a burning desire to act violently/kill

. Age range for males and females in which Schizophrenia is most likely to start: Appears in males around the age of 18-30 and in females from around age 23-35

. Percentage of population that is diagnosed with Schizophrenia: 1 percent of the world population, 1.2% of Americans (3.2 million),1.5 million people will be diagnosed around the world this year which means that 100,000 will be diagnosed in the US

. Suicide rate of those diagnosed with Schizophrenia: 10.1% of schizophrenics commit suicide at some point in their life. The rate for adults with schizophrenia is 6.8%/year (around 1000/year)

. Briefly discuss some famous people who have schizophrenia at the end: John Nash, mathmetician responsible for Governing Dynamics AKA the Nash Equalibrium. Peter Green, guitarist for Fleetwood Mac. Eduard Einstein, Albert Einstein’s son.