Final Project Animation

Animation for my final project.

Final Project Progress

With five seconds of raw animation due this upcoming Friday, I’ve started working double time whenever possible on my project. Very unlikely I’ll get my eight ASOP program hours in, but hey, I’ve done so all year. I think They can cut me some slack. The first picture is the two heads that will be swapped back and forth on the armature I’ve created. The one on the left will be the Poor Man’s head, and the one on the right will be the Rich Man’s head. The Poor Man’s jaw is controlled by a simple wire system in the back just near the neck. The Rich Man’s jaw is attached to the main head by a strip of non hardening clay and can be rotated up and down.


Here is a picture of the armature. Not sure of what to do for hands at this point, but I will figure something out. The bottoms of his feet have small patches of velcro attached, which will be used to create a walking motion on a velcro platform I have created. The velcro will help keep the puppet balanced and still while snapping the individual frames. He still doesn’t balance too well, but it’s much better with the velcro.

Puppet Body

Last but not least, the velcro platform, featuring my fingers (which have been stuck together with Crazy Glue). Back to work I go!



Final Project: Research Paper

Below is a link to my research paper portion of the final project. Link will redirect you to Google Drive in which you will be able to read.