Self Portrait

I created the image pictured here by using an ebony pencil, Q-Tips and Kleenex tissues. I decided to turn my head away from viewer as I tend to do this every day with people; even those I know well. Whether I’m having a good or bad day, I sometimes go about trying to avoid conversations with people. Of course there are instances where I will participate in conversation, but if in quite a few cases, I’ll put on my sunglasses and earbuds, and block those around me out. I used a large quantity of lines in order to replicate the look of my short, slicked up hair. Towards the back of the head is darker due to the to their being more hair in that region. As shown in the picture, the hair lightens up around the edges (preferably side burns) to show the lower amount. Using shapes I was able to create the various moles around my face as well as the inner parts of the ear.



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