Illustrated Journal #2

Whenever there is a new visually stunning, beautifully written masterpiece of a film coming out, one man seems to be somehow included in the credits; James Cameron. The picture below is the drawing that James (Leo wasn’t the one to draw it. Sorry. Truth hurts, doesn’t it?) did of Kate Winslet for the film Titanic. Through the use of curved, solid lines on the outline of the body, James is able to separate the human form from the sofa and pillow in the background; all while making the objects fit together in the one image. Another great technique used by James in this piece is rather than having the drawing take up the whole canvas, he chose to have the drawing fade out as the main focus leaves the main subject. This creates a sort of “glow” appearance, causing the eye to be attracted straight to the image of the woman and not being distracted by anything else that may be on the paper.


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