Linear Day



– How do the lines I used enhance or embellish the story of my day?

By using various lines with various intensities, I am able to change the intensity of the actual image; bolder lines make the scene more intense where as thinner lines give a more relaxed feeling.

– Is there a consistent look to my image?

I feel that the look of my image is very consistent, especially pages one through four. I will admit around page five that it does seem to lose its “flow” that it has in the beginning. Overall the image is quite consistent; just slows down towards the end.

– How does that consistent look or absence of a consistent look help or hinder the final work?

By keeping a consistent look in the beginning with elements being close to each other (ex: brain attached to demon faces) it increases the intensity of the story. You don’t get as much of a break between things; its rapid fire of various things and you don’t get a visual “breather”. But at the end the lack of constancy helps to slow down the intensity of the story and match the calming feeling I portray at the end of the day.

– What means did I use to show that my day is composed of continuous events/movement?

To show my events are a composition of one day I tried to keep a line going from one event to the other. For example, the brain stem turning into the demons neck. Then the demon on the opposite side has his neck turn into the bed on the next page; so on and so forth.

– How creative was my final work?

To be honest I believe that my final work was quite creative. I was stuck for quite a while figuring out how to connect the various pieces of the day together. But once I got the ball rolling, there was no stopping me. I got it done and love the way it turned out; short, simple and sweet.

– IS there any mistake or poor craftsmanship in the final work that is distracting? – – How does it distract from your work?

I feel that the lines could have been done a bit more cleaner and/or had slightly more detail put into them. I don’t feel it distracts from the work that badly, but it does have a bit more of a scribble feel than I wanted for some spots on the final product.

– Will you submit the work with the distractor? Why?

Yes I will submit my final work with this distractor. The reason for this being honestly I am happy with how it turned out. Other factors include that I am sick and have been working on this for +3 hours late at night high on cold medications and also because I have no time to do it until even later in the night tomorrow, so I pushed through and got it done all tonight.

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