Illustrated Journal #5

Golden Ratio:

. In mathematics, the golden ratio is when an objects ratio is equal to the sum of the two larger quantities

. Is a mathematical ratio that is commonly found throughout all of nature to create alluring looks to any design based work.

. Was used quite often by Botticelli and Leonardo da Vinci



Golden Mean:

. The most ideal position between two extremes on the opposing sides of the spectrum (one being excessive and the other being deficient)

. Created by Aristotle

.  Started as an attribute of beauty by the Greeks

. Many variations of the rules/name of this philosophy were given by multiple philosophers around the world



Fibonacci Sequence:

. Mathematical operation

. The sum of two preceding numbers

. Can be written out as a rule rather than a simple sequence of number

. Idea and principles were developed by an Italian man named Leonardo Pisano Bogollo. Fibonacci was a nickname given to him by his friends and translates to “Son of Bonacci”.



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