Illustrated Journal #6

Raphael’s School of Athens is a grand painted piece of work that was painted from 1509-1511. It is currently resided in the Apostolic Palace. Through the use of scale and proportion, Raphael was able to create a true sense of depth in the room as well as a easily identifiable focal point in the back of the room; inside of the arched doorway. Another design element that is well used in this piece is value. Depending on the location of the “light source”, Raphael created a different value for the colors of the wall, giving the illusion that there are walls blocking an actual light source and casting shadows on the wall. Another design element to create the intense depth is texture. If you look at the walls closely, you can see a dotted pattern on the wall. This gives the wall a more realistic look rather than being just a plain flat color. This relates to what we are currently going to be working on because we must use texture in our upcoming project.



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