Illustrated Journal #7 (Short film write-ups)


Title: Simone Doing

Artist: Max Puchalsky

Run time: 7:30

When I first viewed this piece, I was very confused as to what was going on. Why is this woman laying here? Is she going to get up? Why did she leave the curtains open? Then I suddenly noticed the woman starting to fade away and transition into a dog laying on the bed; breathing much heavier than she. After the dog is seen laying for a few moments, the woman slowly fades back into view; rendering the dog invisible yet again. The music drones out and everything starts back up again. At first I didn’t know what to make of this piece, but then I thought, “What if the excited dog is a symbol she is dreaming of to represent herself?” The only thing we see the woman doing is rest on the bed; breathing lightly. But as we transition to the dog, we notice he/she is in a much more hyper state. I believe that the use of the dog is to show the contrast between how the woman looks and behaves on the outside (calm, relaxed, etc) but then shows how hyper she feels on the inside, whether it be from a racing mind or some other form of non-visual activity.



Title: Rooftop Short

Artist: Evelin Stermitz

Run time: 2:55

When I first started watching this piece, I had no idea what was going on. The camera was all shaky then still, there were horns honking and overlapping the video, an attractive woman in a dress kept popping up in random places on the roof in front of the viewer. After the third time watching it I did notice something about the woman. She would mostly appear only when the music was intense and fast paced not long after the camera is shaking, and would often be positioned somewhere near the edge of the rooftop; especially near the beginning. This makes me believe that the intense music, maddening honking of the horns and camera shakes are to represent the person on the roof going insane. When he starts to calm down (camera stops shaking, music slows), the woman appears and sends him going on a mental whirlwind again as the music picks up and the camera shakes and looks around frantically yet again.



Title: The Hero Is Light

Artist: Eduardo Yuge

Run time: 4:15

Just like all the other pieces, I did not know what to think of this piece upon my first viewing, But during my second viewing, I started to make connections and put the pieces together. The narration is a piece that is describing the hardships that one faced in their life. In the case of the woman in the video, she falls into a deep hole, surrounded by depression and personal turmoil. “Small at first, a white smear becoming a specter” At this point in the short, the woman is finally stepping out of the darkness and back into the light to create a more colorful “painting” through the use of the metaphorical brush strokes that compose her life. Before getting better, the people around the woman could only see her inner negativity and would judge her for it; unaware of the cause or feeling that the darkness consuming her was causing. The last shot of the video shows the woman slowly remove her hood; the cover she had used to shield herself from the world for such an extended period of time. She smiles as she steps out of the darkness and back into the light; her world changing to color. She is then greeted by the warm glow of a white light and is left to live her life in positivity. Everything from the narration, cinematography, use of no sound other than the narration and background music as well as the actress’s ability to communicate the statements given by the narrator in a visual manner without saying a word is absolutely incredible. This is my absolute favorite short that I have observed in the last few years and I very much credit the creator for his ability to make something so simple into something so mesmerizing.

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