Illustrated Journal #10


Helen Frankenthaler’s piece shown above, “Nature Abhors a Vacuum” (1973), is a great example of the use of direction in art. Just through the use of five basic colors and different values for each in different regions of the piece, Helen is able to draw the eye to the center of the page almost instantaneously. If she were to have used just the plain colors and applied them to the canvas with no manipulation what so ever, the image would look “flat” and have no depth to it and in return based on the shapes she created with the colors, not draw the eye. But due to the fact that there are different values, these waves appear to flow on the page, and in return cause your eye to focus instantly on the center. This is important to bring up in relation to what we are doing class because many times when it comes to stylized letters like the ones we are doing, there always seems to be a direction that our eyes follow along the decorated patterns; rather than looking at the letter itself.

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