Illuminated Letter Project

When I first started on this design, everything was quite sloppy looking. Not all of the lines were straight, some corners were not entirely right angles, and the overall look did not fit with what I originally had planned out. When I went to redo the center of the “D”, things got cleaned up quite a bit. I spent more time making sure the lines were at right angles, that there were no sections where the utensil seemed to “run away” and go off all over the paper. Once I scanned the image and imported it into Illustrator, things got even more clean. The right angles became absolutely perfect, and I was able to get a nice even line intensity that stayed constant throughout. I then exported the AI art board to photoshop and went on to color it in with simple flat colors. After that, I combined the colors with the photo graph that inspired the overall look of the letter. I then proceeded to make some touch ups on my watercolor copies and before I knew it, I was done. I was a bit skeptical as to how the project was originally going to turn out, but after seeing the completed work, I am quite happy with what I have done.

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