Illustrated Journal #12


The work displayed above is titled “The Calling of Saint Matthew” and was created by Caravaggio in the year 1600 during the Baroque period. One of the most easily identifiable elements and principal of design is the use of value. In the bottom half of the image, shadows are more intense and colors are more washed out; details less visible. But due to the “light” being emitted and cast through a window or other opening out of frame, more of the colors within its path are visible and make it easier to view smaller details such as the man’s beard, eyes, and feather hats. Another less noticeable use of a principle of design is direction. It may not seem so obvious at first, but the line separating the light from the dark is at a diagonal angle, which natural causes the eye to follow it; creating movement. In this case the sense of direction forces us to draw our attention to the events taking place at the table and only momentarily to what is going on in the shadows. This relates to our current work in class because due to the design style of the Book of Kells, direction is a very important factor.

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