Illustrated Journal #14


The image displayed above is a fantastic charcoal piece done by the artist Surajit Chatterjee and is titled “Help Me”. Through the use of various values in the piece, Chatterjee is able to create a vast illusion of depth within the 2D piece using a single medium. By having areas such as the wall go from their original white, and then using various shading techniques to fade to black for heavier shadowed edges, Chatterjee is able to create the 3D space in which he places his subject (the young boy). As for the young boy, Chatterjee’s use of a somewhat crosshatching technique mostly visible on the upper arms helps create a sense of depth as well as advanced looking shadows. By combining these shadows with the shading used in the wall and floor in the background, Chatterjee was able to create a highly detailed subject contained in a fitting environment. This piece applies to the work we are currently doing in class due to the fact that for our chair projects we must use various shading techniques to create a well detailed chair in a 3D space with dynamic looking cloth and lighting.

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