Chair Project


When designing my chair I wanted to go for an offsetting feeling. To get this feeling on paper, I placed a padlock under my canvas before drawing. This way, when I draw the chair straight up and down on the crooked canvas, the chair will be slightly tilted to the side when the canvas is placed elsewhere. This can cause a an off setting feeling to the viewer. For elements and principles of of design, I used a great deal of value to get  the shading to look more realistic than flat. The use of of various values of black and gray create a sense of depth in the cloth on the chair, rather than leaving it look flat. Another element I used for the majority of this project is line. The entire image besides the shading of the darker stripes use lines. This includes the edges of the stripes, the outline of the chair as well as some of the folds and wrinkles in the cloth. For atmospheric perspective, I slightly erased anything on the top region of the chair. This gives the chair an even further sense of depth; the lines and chair back rest appearing to disappear into the not so far distance.

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