575 Glitch Art Project


For this piece I started by aquiring a high res image of the USA at a satellites point of view off of Google Images. The original image was much larger than I needed ( > 3000px for width) so I scaled it down  to about 1000px width in Photoshop. I then exported the image as a raw format (TIFF) to be edited in Hex Fiend. In Hex Fiend I opened the raw image and saved a copy to a separate folder for editing; incase I messed up the header and overwrote the original. I opened the preview of the file in a seperate window on an external monitor so as I made changes I could save the file and view what it had done (also allowed me to see if I messed the headers up). When I was happy with the results of the first image, I imported that edit into Audacity. I applied the Invert, Echo and Change Pitch effects to various portions of the raw data and exported it yet again as a TIFF. For the third image I imported the RAW file from Audacity and yet again edited the hex information in Hex Fiend. I imported all of these images into the original Photoshop document I had created and began messing with the frame durations and layer sections. When I was happy with what I had, I added some Tween transitions for a fade effects to give a bit more “life” to the final product. I then exported the GIF and now am uploading it to my WordPress for all to view. The rule of having 575 implemented in the project is given by having a black frame appear on the fifth frame, seven ahead of the fifth (twelve) and then five ahead of that (seventeenth frame).

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