Phenakistoscope Project





For my phenakistoscope project, I started by making a basic layout in Photoshop. This included the proper dimensions of the circle, the location and angles of various objects such as the viewing slots and other objects and lastly basic color. I then imported the image into Illustrator and traced the edges of every object to make a raster outline that the laser cutter could understand. Using color mapping on the cutter, I was able to completely cut through the material to cut out the outer edge and viewing slots. But for the items such as eyes, eyebrow, ground and ball, I assigned a different color to cut a different power level so that it would only burn the top layer. I then took the final cut and traced over all the etched parts with a fine sharpie pen. Next, I took a thicker sharpie and filled in the iris of the eyes and eyebrows. I then took water colors and filled the eye with red and ball with blue. For the eyes I mixed water on the color to give it a smooth texture on every other eye. When viewed at a certain speed, this gives the eyes another “animated” aspect. I then scanned the phenakistoscope into my computer and animated into the gif shown above.

The principles of animation I used for this piece were squash and stretch (the ball bouncing on the ground), anticipation (the ball squashing on the ground; ready to spring up again) and timing (fitting the bouncing action of the ball into the 12 “frames” on the disc but maintaining a realistic time/space look)

Overall I am very happy with the way my phenakistoscope turned out. I had thought about adding some various background colors but decided to go without. I would defiantly love to create another one of these, but on my own time so I can be more flexible with my deadline and get all of the details I want.

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