Origami Marionette


(Video located here)

Structure and flow are related to my marionette because due to the single line of linking cubes that make up the marionette’s entirety, the eye is naturally drawn to the lengthy body; flowing from one end to the other smoothly with no abrupt changes in angle. One idea generated from observing the final marionette is a fantastical world that is absolutely covered in creatures that look exactly like this. I also imagine the exact same look of the marionette, but on a much larger scale. For the design of the marionette, I wanted it to be relatively wide but have a narrow and lengthy look. To add to this, I used a variety of colors for each cube. That way the viewer is immersed into a plethora of color right off the bat before they get half way down the length of the marionette. For my creative process, I made sure to be aware of the length of the marionette. Too many cubes would mean a longer length. Longer length would mean more string and more fingers required. I only have ten fingers the last time I checked so I kept in mind to not go over ten cubes when first starting the project. The differences of my marionette are the colors. The texture of my marionette is somewhat fine with a hint of roughness along the surface, as most paper is. The colors are randomized depending on what colored piece of paper I pulled out of the origami paper pack. Cubes are the most important shapes and stand out the most in my marionette because that is the only shape I created. Modular design strengthened my marionette by allowing all viewers to understand what it is without having to go to extremes with the detail. I used the principle of rhythm in my marionette, for the same shape is used for the entirety of the project.

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