Canon Project: Charactertory

Anton Kinney is a 23-year-old man who spent most of his life growing up in a dark and isolated location; shut out from the light that most others are exposed to. At a young age, his limited exposure to social situations as well as other horrid contributing factors drove him to insanity, leading to a various amount of mental health problems. His only true friends are the ones that exist in his mind. Though Anton was never introduced to many other people nor greatly educated, he was a very smart intellectual. During his limited amount of time in which he spent in the light, he developed a habit of observing other people’s behavior. He would watch their body language, analyze their tone of voice, watch for micro expressions and over a period of time learned how to use these visual and audible cues to manipulate people into getting what he wanted; whether for good or for bad reasoning. By age 16 he could get most people to carry out tasks for him, such as stealing food. He had also become very good at planting “seeds” into people’s minds. Over time this “seed” would begin to grow in their mind; never ceasing to stop appearing throughout the day in their spontaneous thoughts. Most of the seeds Anton planted were for good cause, but on some occasions, were not. At age 19, Anton hit a low point, realizing that no matter how many seeds he planted, or riches he had acquired (whether they were stolen or not), he could never truly be happy. All his opportunities for true happiness has been shredded up and burned away when he was younger, never to return. For the first time in a long while, his friends from within his mind returned and convinced him that there was only one way to make him equal to others; to bring them to their knees. Anton agreed and set off on a journey to spread his feelings all those who surrounded him. For the past four years, Anton has made his way across the country, spreading his hate and using his manipulative abilities for evil. It is said that at certain points he tries to fight what his friends tell him and realize what he is doing is wrong. But whenever he starts to slip, his friends step in and reassure him that this what he is doing needs to be done to survive and make him equal to all those around him.  Throughout his journeys, Anton has lost an arm due to infection (removed sloppily by himself rather than a surgeon), has a large gash stretching across his eye socket and upper check caused by a wild animal attack and has obtained such a bad case of cataracts that his vision has been nearly rendered useless.


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