What Makes an Artist

When I think of someone who is an artist, I think of someone who has a drive to accomplish something, that sees a purpose in what they are doing; takes pride in their work. I often feel I never do any of these things, whether doing an art project or not.When it comes to doing assignments I am given by professors, I do enjoy certain aspects of them on occasion. This is usually not the case though. The only drive I have for every project is knowing that it is an assignment for a class and without completing it, I will fail. If I fail or refuse to do my assignments, then I am wasting my time, money and resources. In my eye, to be an artist, you need to be able to have an actual drive and purpose as to why you are drawing what you are drawing. Of course, this is not always the case and you could draw something at random. But as these are projects and have certain requirements, I must try to meet the requirements of what is asked. An artist is able to go about their everyday lives and take inspiration from everything that they encounter. I feel I can not do this on the same level as others. I do use inspiration from life, but on very rare occasions. If I’m working on something that isn’t an assignment, then it often has a dark, psychological theme to it; usually compared to Tim Burton’s look. If I want to become an artist, I need to be able to take more inspiration from my surroundings to use in my work instead of just using the ideas that are in my head; often repetitive. I also need to be able to find a stronger drive to actually do work. Although I brought up that not all work needs a drive of some sort, I find it difficult to work on and appreciate something that does not have one. It just seems like a waste of mediums to work on something that you actually have no passion for. But again, like I said, this is only on some occasions and not all. But its still enough for me to feel that I myself am not an artist.

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