Karla Ortiz Piece


The piece pictured above is a composition created by Karla Ortiz. It is entirely made up of graphite on paper and the amount of detail the artist incorporated into the piece is remarkable! The use of value is extremely crucial to the final look of the image. Without it, the image would appear flat and have no dimensions or dynamic lighting; diminishing the realistic appearance of the subjects in the piece. Another great use of an element/principle of design is texture. The entirety of the cloth the woman has surrounding her has a fabric like appearance to it; brought to life through use of various line weights and strokes. Texture is also very visible in the owls wings. Rather than having just a basic shape compose the feathers, Karla uses texture techniques to give the feathers a hair like appearance, just as real feathers have. I absolutely love this piece and believe the artist did a fantastic job in planning out the composition and executing it to its maximum potential.

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