Critique on Reflection Piece Presentation

During my presentation of my Reflection piece, I had another classmate take notes on my behavior and way I presented myself as well as the piece. The main thing that was brought up in the end was that I would tend to slowly transfer from speaking about the piece to mumbling. I have had this happen many times before in the past and have been trying to improve myself to avoid doing so while presenting. To others, my mumbling habit may make the people watching believe I do not know what I am talking about and/or presenting. This is never the case when I give a presentation. Before I present anything, I go over what order I am going to present things in. I spend more time doing this than thinking about what to actually say; mostly improvising my descriptions on the spot. Though I am good at improvising, as I speak and explain something, a small part of my will say “you aren’t describing it well enough” or “they don’t understand”. This causes me to get lost in thought of what to say while at the same time speaking whatever it is I am describing. And just like that, I start to mumble as a fight breaks out between my mind and mouth. This is something I have tried to work on before and is much better than what it was at least three years ago. But there is always room for improvement. A more positive thing that my classmate told me is that I was good at not only speaking and staying on topic, but also using my hands to point things out; rather than staying erect like a statue.

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