Room Project



The Room Project was an assignment given to allow us to put our modeling, UV mapping, texturing, shading and lighting skills to the test. We were first assigned a theme (I ended up being assigned shabby chic) and the room we had to model was an observatory. For shabby chic decor, there is a great amount of pink, white and various shades of blue. The items around the area are also often old and worn or have an overly soft and fluffy appearance to them. In the end, I was very happy with how my project turned out with the exception of a few things.

For the various things I was happy with, the lighting was a key aspect. The background image I acquired had a bright shining yellow sun setting on the left side. In order to make everything fit together, I had to make sure the directional light was set at an angle that would make it appear as though that the sun in the image was casting shadows correctly onto the various objects in the room. After lots of trial and error while experimenting with different angles, I finally found something that worked well and that I was happy with. Anther aspect of the final composition that I am happy with is  the look of the rounded walls/windows. When first starting the modeling for these pieces, I had to make sure everything was an equal distance apart so the windows would be the same width all the way around. With the exception of one window, they all turned out perfect. I modeled one half of the wall before mirroring it to the other side to make sure they matched each other. As stated above, besides the one window more towards the center, I am pleased with how this feature came out.

As for aspects I was not happy about, the overall lighting of the room did not come out how I was hoping. As the image was being rendered (77 minutes and 27 seconds), everything in the scene looked well lit and equally illuminated with the exception of the couch on the right due to the shadows being casted. When I saved the default image, everything was well lit and as it appeared in the render view, but didn’t show the warm tint I had given the lights in the scene. When I saved the color managed image however, everything had a warmer look, but the scene was extremely dark. After tweaking some settings and lights, I was able to get a render output that kept the warm feel of the lighting, but didn’t make the scene as dark. Another aspect I wasn’t to fond of in the end was the look of the wine glasses on the table. I had messed with the glass properties many times but could not find a good balance where they appeared to have that mostly see-through but reflective look to them.

Overall I am very happy with how this scene came out and look forward to modeling more environments in the future to further improve my skills as an environmental artist.

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