Skeleton Project

Final image:


Reference Image:


Megi7. “National Geographic Covers.” Barnorama. Barnorama, 28 Sept. 2012. Web. 05 Apr. 2017.

This image relates to DMA due to the fact that it shows a great use of value and contrast through the use of the dark shadows and the woman religious robes. Direction is also used in the skeleton of the woman for it is at a somewhat diagonal angle and naturally draws the attention of the viewers eye. As an artist I decided to use charcoal for my medium due to the intensity of the dark shadows. If I were to use pencils, I wouldn’t have been able to make such intensely dark shadows on the girl and woman’s robe. I grew as an artist by learning to properly shade using charcoal. Before this project I was not that good at shading with pretty much any medium that I used. But for this project I took time to study the image and try to match the shading more accurately while maintaining as high of a level of detail as possible. I am very happy with how this image came out and believe it is one of my best pieces so far this year.


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