Production: Video Art Description Paragraph

For my video art piece, I plan on showcasing an amplified visual representation of the side effects of bipolar disorder and giving it a Jekyll and Hyde twist. As of now, I plan on having the viewer see the entire piece through the eyes of the person with the disorder. As they make their way through an area (or possibly showing different moments throughout the day), they will be introduced to everyday situations and view the more appropriate and socially acceptable outcome. After the subject carries out the response, Hyde will take over and show the viewer what the more impulsive and aggressive response would be. As the day goes on the subject will be more likely to take the darker approach; especially at night. At the end of the video, the player will fly up as he starts to be overcome by his darker side; resemble a dark god-like form. He flies up into the sky to a great height but suddenly crashes down as his lighter side starts to regain control.

Animation Critique

Rob McCoy’s walk animation does an great job at displaying body language in the walk as well as timing the poses accordingly. There are just a few things I noticed after scrubbing through a bit. On frame 17 it appears that the left arm eases out a bit too quickly as it swings down to become parallel with the torso. At the same time while approaching frame 26, the right arm appears a bit too stiff while swinging forward. The ease in and ease out with the arms in this section of the animation seems to slightly throw off the balance of the character. There is a little bit of sliding in the feet towards the middle but it is not too noticeable. Other than that this is a extremely well done animation!