Self Critique

Over the course of my three years at Alfred, my skills have majorly improved when it comes to working with 3D mediums and the skillsets that require. Last semester I learned more about the functionality of the animation tools in Maya. I worked with these tools over winter break and became more comfortable with them as well as learned how to truly use them to my advantage. At the beginning of this semester my animation skills were not that great. I understood how to operate the animation system: setting keyframes, messing with the graph editor, etc; but not much on how to create dynamic and believable animations. One of the aspects I feel I have improved upon this semester is timing. In the beginning many aspects of my animations were stop and go and had a very shifting “flow” to them. ¬†Another aspect I feel I improved on was anticipation. Much like timing, I would not have a smooth flow from one pose to another. My anticipation would be either too short or not communicated well enough. Towards the end of the semester I improved my skill with this element; most noticeable in my final animation with the Peacock-Flytrap animation. I struggled with expressing emotions through faces; often getting a mixture of two emotions or having one come across as another. This is one of the largest aspects of animation that I need to improve on.