Asset Level Design

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This game is designed to test a player’s timing and memory through the use of looping enemy actions. Each enemy has a different travel distance and speed; but that speed and travel distance stays the same every time the level is loaded. It is up to the player to determine when they should progress forward to reach the door at the end of the level to help the player escape from his nightmare. Development was quite basic due to the low poly art style of the application. Once I had all of the modelling, rigging and animations done, it was a matter of figuring out how I wanted the enemies to move. I originally wanted to use an ease-in and ease-out type motion when the enemies reached their travel end points, but decided this made it a bit to easy for the player to progress through the level. I then made the decision to have the enemies ping-pong back and forth at a constant speed. As the player progresses through the level I increased the difficulty by increasing the population density of enemies as well as making changes such as only have them cover half of the terrain; forcing the player to move to the left or right. Some major changes based on beta testing were the increased field of view on the camera. This allows the player to not only have a better idea of where they are in 3D space, but also to allow the player to make better timing decisions on when to move since they can see enemies from a further distance. Walk animation foot IK was cleaned up for a smoother transition from the idle state. The door opening animation and sound are set off sooner to draw the player’s attention as they come near the final objective and as a way to communicate “This is the end of the level. You’re almost there!”


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