Game Feel Design Studio

Video Game Documentation:
Personal Responsibilities:
Most of my work on Asstro was based around fixing any errors with scripts that were previously created as well as created scripts from scratch to allow the player to transition between scenes when needed. During the design phase of the project, I was in charge of rigging the alien character as well as the player (player rig ended up not being used). While other members were completing their assigned models and rigs, I was busy creating the sound effects and soundtrack loop that is heard within in the game. From the sound of the player landing on the hard surface below him, to getting hit by an enemy, all of the sound effects were recorded, mixed and exported by myself. Once all of the assets were created and placed into the scene, I was in charge of placing scripts on the necessary game objects and modifying the references to match the required components (Example: Creating the reference to the “player” game object in a scripts “Player Model” reference block in the inspector). I then aided the animators in properly exporting the character animations, as there were some issues in the beginning that were quickly resolved after informing them that the joint hierarchies must match the original model exactly; no referencing in the model in a Maya scene and exporting. I then created the animator to control the animations for both the player and alien game objects. I reviewed the code that had already been written and modified it to work properly with our application. Some functions were missing from the scripts so I added those in where needed. Some of said functions involved activating triggers in the animator for the player when a button was pressed, switching scenes on collisions and basic UI interaction. Once all scripts were taken care of, one of my final tasks was to create the particle systems that create the light trail behind the player as well as the enemies. The particle system was then modified by my team members.
Enemy rig:

Sound effects:

Documentation of the finished game (video and still)
A description of what you were personally responsible for
All assets created by you (even if they were unused)

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