Juice Advertisement


For my Juice advertisement, I wanted to keep every single aspect of the design simple. From the final layout, the environment and even the can’s label, I did not want anything to be too flashy. I started out by creating a CV curve to shape the can to my liking. Once I had the CV curve converted to polygons, I set up two materials on the can geometry; one for the label and the other for the exposed aluminum on the bottom and top. The label design went through 16 different iterations. The first 5 were more complex in design but made the can appear flat and appear to not have depth. I then found a way to create depth against the solid color background by using shadows with the text and also by setting up an HDRi light environment in the render. After coming up with the slogan, I thought a bit about how I wanted to convey the slogan in a visual way; later coming up with the vine design. After tweaking the locations of the vines and finding a good resting place for the end, I then modeled the oranges resting next to the can as well as the small ones on the vine. Yes, oranges grow on trees, but please just go with it. In the end I set my samples count to a high number resulting in a 14 minute render time and then exported the EXR file. After some tweaking in Photoshop, this is the result I ended up with.