Karla Ortiz Piece


The piece pictured above is a composition created by Karla Ortiz. It is entirely made up of graphite on paper and the amount of detail the artist incorporated into the piece is remarkable! The use of value is extremely crucial to the final look of the image. Without it, the image would appear flat and have no dimensions or dynamic lighting; diminishing the realistic appearance of the subjects in the piece. Another great use of an element/principle of design is texture. The entirety of the cloth the woman has surrounding her has a fabric like appearance to it; brought to life through use of various line weights and strokes. Texture is also very visible in the owls wings. Rather than having just a basic shape compose the feathers, Karla uses texture techniques to give the feathers a hair like appearance, just as real feathers have. I absolutely love this piece and believe the artist did a fantastic job in planning out the composition and executing it to its maximum potential.


ThisIsColossal,Hands and Feet, Walk Cycle


Right off the bat I instantly fell in love with the visuals of this article. From the use of basic shapes to create shading, to the assortment of color to create contrast in specified region, the pieces in their entirety are visually striking. One of the pieces included, display a side profile of a man’s head, does a great job of using basic shapes and assortment of color to give the image a vast amount of detail while maintaining simplicity by using basic shapes; in this case mostly rectangles and squares.These pieces relate to what we’re doing in class because they all have to do with the anatomy of the body, whether it be the skeletal system, layout of the human face, or just the way in which various body parts are able to move.




For the colored caricature I added basic colors to the first few layers; most notably the skin tone. I then colored with darker shades to create depth in the various creases such as the jaw and forehead. I emphasized my forehead due to the fact that I’ve been told almost every day of my life that my forehead is gigantic (thanks dad). I also did the same for my mouth because up until recently, I’ve been an avid talker. The facial expression I chose is one that I use quite often when I hear someone talking but have no idea what they’re talking about, so by default I smile and look surprised; it works quite often.

What I Want to Learn

In this Figure and Motion class, I would really like to be able to learn more about the human body in order to understand the various ways it reshapes itself under different situations and how it form looks from different perspectives. By learning how the body looks from various angles as well as how to maintain the proper proportions, I will be able to modify and use human like characteristics for various future characters and obviously in  realistic drawings of people. Learning the various techniques to create the human form on canvas would also help develop my other various skills as an artist.



Above are four examples of caricatures and one self portrait. The first three from the top of the post are hand drawn copies of other artists work (original artist’s names are included on copy) as well as a caricature of myself (second image from bottom; WordPress isn’t allowing me to switch their positions). These examples are great practice to prepare myself for what’s to come soon in class, as well help explore a different art style.