Color Piece (Intro to Visual Communication)


Through the use of various repeating shapes along with scale change, I was able to contribute a piece to a group project in which there are various displays of color relationships, shifts and matching tones; a blend of colors that “fit” with each-other.¬†By using intensity change, the person observing the piece will be drawn to multiple parts of the canvas, rather than just one specific point. Intensity change is the the act of mixing two complimentary colors together to mix from one to the next.¬†Another element I used in composition is contrast, or the arrangement of colors to oppose each other (light vs. dark). Not only does this create a stronger “pop” effect in the piece, but also adds more intensity to certain regions; characterizing different sections of the canvas.

Shirt Print Project


By using high contrast points on features such as the eyes and mouth, I am able to create a relatively intense psychological presence to the image. The stretching of the mouth and widening of the eyes adds to this dark effect. We see faces everyday of people we do and do not know; we know very well what they look like. By disrupting the features of what for us is “the norm” of facial structure, an uneasy sense is created in the viewer.