3D Still Life


Final composite for 3D still life project. Went for a darker light tone to match the grimy look of the balisong trainer blade as well as the dark colors on the various objects. Modeled in Maya 2018, textures created in Substance Painter, rendered using Arnold and composited in Adobe Photoshop.


Stylized Chandelier


Photo of a chandelier at my middle school taken into Illustrator for image tracing and then applied extrude filter in Photoshop.

Imaginary Landscape #1

My intent with this image was to show a not so distant future where mankind is so distracted by technology, and believes it is this great power that can protect us from anything. This ends up not being the case for at one point in time, we end up having to recreate environments in space for people to inhabit. In the image we see people exploring the replica of Times Square as the sun engulfs the earth in the background.final