Extreme Action Animation

Link: https://syncsketch.com/sketch/d6abd12ea831/#337308

Final product is item number 2.


Self Portrait – UPDATED


Most people know me as an energetic, fun, loud-mouthed person who always has something to say. I agree with them; but to an extent. Whenever I find myself in a situation in which others are looking for input, whether it be for a community, project or anything else in which critique is asked, I tend to keep quiet. This is not always the case, but I find myself listening to what everyone else has to say rather than voicing my own opinions. This is most likely an attribute connected to my anxiety for fear that I will say the wrong thing or people will disagree and shun me for my opinion or suggestion. Transferring this onto paper came out in just the way I imagined it would. The dark shading on the side of my body with the eyebrow was done to give off a sense that the person within the image was unsure of something and made the decision to stick to the shadows. The body having the enlarged ear tilted toward the camera and into the light displays that the person in the photo is up for hearing. The removal of the mouth puts the cherry on top by showing that the person in the image (myself) does not have the ability to express themselves to others and instead stays toward the back listening to all others. I am extremely happy with how this image came out for when it comes to drawing faces I am not that good with proportions nor shading. I was extremely anxious about how a self portrait would end up coming out due to the fact that it is an image of myself that I am creating. If you feel that the image does not look good or the way you wanted, you reflect that onto yourself for it is an image of you; the quality of the image makes you feel that way about yourself as a person. I am glad to say that I am extremely proud of how well this image came out and therefore feel no negativity toward myself or the piece for the way it came out. I feel even better about the image after taking some advice from my professor that were attributed to the shading and use of highlights; preferably in the hair.

Total time spent working: 21 hours, 3 minutes.

Character Project


For my character project I decided to go with a lengthy alien like appearance. Everything in the entire process was quite easy except for getting the texture maps to work correctly, but that was mainly on my part due to forgetting to UV map the character and causing overlapping. Overall I am very happy with how the final character came out.

Character Project Update #1

Screen Shot 1

Entire character has been modeled. Just doing some checks on the geometry. If I find an error I simply delete one half, fix it on the other then mirror it over again. Once I find everything is to my liking I will move on to UV mapping. Decided to go with a squid like appearance for the head and arms after the model started to take that appearance as I added more details to the head.