Concept of Abstraction

For my concept of abstraction, I have chosen to abstract musical intensity. To display this, I will display a row of at least six bars across the bottom of each frame. As the soundtrack plays in the background, the bars will individually react to the intensity, volume and “surprise” factor of the music playing in the background. For example, if the music at one point has a subtler, more quiet portion, the bars will stay lower and not “jump” as high. But if the music then switches to a sudden, much louder part, the bars will react to it by going up higher as well as reaching their maximum height sooner than the bars did that went along with the quieter portions of the music. Bars closer to the left side will represent lower frequencies created by the instruments, where as higher frequencies will be represented by the bars more to the right side of the frame. Also, sudden “jump” moments in the music will be represented by circles that materialize and expand before disappearing, just as quick and spontaneous as the music is.